Commercial prospects for intelligent video surveillance

Early intelligent video surveillance systems analysis functions primarily in two forms: one is the first by an ordinary site monitoring surveillance cameras capture an image , and then handed back to the back-end loaded video professional video management software for video servers to be analyzed , users can configure rules and access to intelligence analysis and other analytical results through C / S or B / S client. The system performance is good or bad depends on the performance of the server or computer , the relationship with the front of the surveillance camera is not much . Another way to achieve is to make the front of the intelligence analysis , intelligence analysis algorithms will soon be integrated in the ip camera codec processor , such cameras is what we usually refer to the intelligent ip cameras, the user still needs through C / S or B / S client to perform configuration management , but saving intelligent analysis server. This performance depends on the implementation of intelligent analysis of the performance of the front end of the ip camera . With the advent of higher-performance network HD SoC chip , now we can be some of the more useful features of the original professional smart camcorder transplanted to ordinary high-performance network cameras , it has some simple intelligent detection functions , such as human face Detection , across the line / area intrusion detection , etc., can be achieved through the intelligent ip camera configuration rules itself comes with IE clients , such cameras can be called micro smart cameras.
Intelligent front ip camera and micro smart cameras have the advantage by virtue of their own , driving the rapid spread of intelligent monitoring in commercial areas also quick application. To sum up , the main advantage of intelligent front of the camera include : hardware and software cost savings , on the one hand , improve network performance chip HD network camera makes it possible to intelligent front . Appear intelligent front of the camera , so that eliminates the need for intelligent monitoring server hardware costs , and even makes intelligent micro smart cameras become a standard feature of the camera , and the camera’s price slightly compared with ordinary intelligence HD network cameras but did not increase . On the other hand , in addition to the cost of hardware , intelligence analysis software itself higher price . And when smart feature is the front, the back end just one rule configuration capabilities with intelligent client software , micro smart cameras can only be configured on the interface that comes with IE . Save network bandwidth , server software via the form on the background intelligent analysis , needs time video surveillance cameras front returns back to its analytical work , which both lead to a lot of bandwidth wasted on unnecessary video transmission, and because the video encoding compression, delay transmission of packet loss and other issues, will affect the accuracy of the analysis to a certain extent . Intelligence work can be completed at the front end directly to the smart camera , the video in a timely manner without the backend returns a result of analyzing the data only when an event is triggered , the camera will be transferred back to the event analysis , which can significantly reduce the transmission of amount of data , reducing the pressure of network transmission. In addition , most of the front-end ip camera with SD card storage function, when a network failure disconnected or congestion, can first analyze the data stored in the SD card , the network is recovered and then upload the background, therefore , network conditions affect their accuracy can be reduced , and better stability . Enhance scalability, server intelligent analysis system For expansion , be limited by the processing performance of the server. If the lack of performance of the server , not only to add front of the camera , and the need with a new server , which is not conducive to the expansion of the system . Every intelligent front ip camera with independent intelligence analysis capabilities to any point in the system increases the camera , without having to worry about increasing the burden on the server, the system reflects its good scalability. Meet the diversity of needs, usually only on one server equipped with a functional intelligence analysis software , and smart front camera chip platform based on open , you can deploy different intelligence capabilities on the same camera , then the same HD network cameras can be applied in different scenarios , users can meet the diversified and personalized needs.
Early analysis of the high cost of intelligent server through intelligent monitoring , therefore , intelligent application of the mainstream market is safe city construction , renovation Financial Network HD systems , road construction and other traffic violations forensics systems need more intelligent application and budget large-scale projects . In addition to cross the line , outside the area of intrusion detection , such as face recognition, intelligent traffic statistics and other useful functions in the chain stores , specialty shops , supermarkets , business offices and other commercial applications have also been more and more attention and favor, these smart Although the application has not yet reached one hundred percent accurate , but it can help users solve some practical problems , for example, auxiliary business operations, providing efficient , more accurate and valuable data for business analysis . It can be anticipated , smart cameras for use in commercial areas will be significantly .
Currently, the mainstream intelligent video analysis techniques can be roughly divided into four categories : Based on the body ( face recognition, body feature extraction , traffic statistics, etc. ) , based on the vehicle ( license plate recognition , feature extraction vehicles , illegal behavior detection , etc.), based on the behavior ( automatic tracking , abnormal behavior analysis, etc. ) , image-based ( video quality diagnostic , image enhancement, restoration , etc. ) . The above analysis of intelligent video surveillance applications , currently in the professional market areas such as public security, transportation , banking, judicial , petroleum, petrochemical , etc. have been applied and gradually extended , but in commercial areas such as supermarkets , shopping malls, chain stores , a typical representative of the intelligent application as traffic statistics , and achieved good market feedback , the future is expected to achieve more intelligent application , and to promote other intelligent applications popularized in the commercial market . Currently video surveillance traffic statistics are mainly shopping malls , luxury stores, museums, galleries , a large hall , stores and other public places to provide traffic data and provides a variety of graphical reports. By comparing the traffic of the system , it is possible to promote the events held on the marketing and promotion of effective ROI evaluation. By comparing historical sales and traffic , you can effectively analyze the types of goods and the impact of various management strategies and sales volume of traffic , and thus make better management decisions , increase sales . By variation of the daily passenger flow statistics , can well arrange the mall working hours , thereby increasing sales. Through traffic, sales and volume statistics , you can calculate the amount of the average purchase rate of passenger bags crowd and provide a basis for assessing the quality of services and shopping staffing levels . Through traffic statistics, you can objectively determine counters, shop rental price levels. Through the different floors and different areas of traffic statistics , allows managers to attract rate statistics and busy degrees each region , and thus the shops and service personnel a reasonable distribution , increase sales and reduce costs. Displays the current traffic status and trends , to take on the larger flow area emergency prevention measures , and real-time observation of the number of shopping malls to stay current , and thus electricity, maintenance personnel and security personnel to make reasonable adjustments , controls shipped to the mall costs.

Network HD has gradually spread and become mainstream,and intelligent application has become an irreversible trend.Pre- emergence of intelligent network cameras,making only one camera to complete the analysis of intelligent features that make intelligent monitoring has become easier,more competitive prices, which contributed to the field of intelligent network cameras in the commercial development and popularization.
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