Oglala Lakota College – A Centre of Education with Recreation

Established in 1971 by the Oglala Community, Oglala College in Kyle , South Dakota offers several degree and distance learning programs. One of the renowned universities of United States of America , the college mainly runs courses in computers, teaching, human services, nursing and business.


The central headquarter of Oglala Lakota College is in Piya Wiconi. This premiere institute was opened for the students of Lakota community on the fundamental reservation system, enabling students to get a job easily. Hence, the college has centers in all the nine districts sticking to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Previously, an exclusive college for the students of Lakota community, the institute now caters to all the students irrespective of caste, community, creed or religion. For this purpose, the college has started a special college center at the Rapid City in South Dakota for the foreign and urban students.

Degrees and Programs

A host of courses and degree programs are available to the college students. The main subjects include human services, applied sciences, social work, information technology, computer applications, teaching and early childhood. An Associate Degree in nursing is also there for students inclined towards nursing. The business students too find appropriate courses here, to set a successful business in future.

part from the above mentioned degrees in the given disciplines, the college also offers foundation programs , distance learning programs and continuing programs . There are special degrees for the Lakota community students as well; namely, Masters in Lakota Leadership and Baccalaureate degrees in addition to the certificate courses and A.A. degrees.

Other Important Bodies

The decentralized college is home to many service centers and organizations. There is a book store with a varied and vast collection of literary books. An athletic club finds its place not only as a center of athletics but also for organizing sports. A recreation center provides all kinds of leisure activities and entertainment to the students.

Oglala Lakota College is an ideal center of education with most of the subjects opted by the contemporary students. The college focuses not only on academics, but also on active student participation in sports and recreation for the overall personality development. The business, nursing and human services students also find the college quite engaging. The students can find more information on State University, the online education website, created by the veteran author Peter Gitundu.