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Gujarat has as well as been a prominent leader in Green Revolution. It has achieved the agricultural growth of 9.6%. As of 2009, three times higher than the agricultural growth rate of India. The production of total food grains during the Events in Gift City 2008-09 is estimated at 63.45 lakh tonnes against the all India production of 2,339 lakh tonnes in 2008-09. Gujarat has the highest number of productivity levels in custard, castor, guava, potato, onion, cumin, fennel and cotton, the second highest productivity in groundnut and bajra and the third highest in gram, guar, banana and is a bgul in the country.

In the 21st century, India has witnessed a remarkable growth in the real-estate sector. Not only the metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai are seeing this development but as well as small regional towns of India are affected by this India real-estate boom. The factors responsible for such Gift city boom are foreign direct investments, free funds investment in the property and the interest of various multinational companies in India real-estate. Real-estate in India is seeing a major change currently. The real-estate companies have become more professional and corporate in their services and business.

There are many big names that are playing a major role in the real-estate industry such as JK Developers, Raheja Developers, BPTP, AMR Builder, ARN Infrastructure and many more. They have created an incredible benchmark in India property market. Not only have they taken commercial real-estate in India to new heights but as well as marked their success in the Indian residential real-estate. The real-estate developers are constructing all sorts of residential and commercial property in India which include hotels, apartments, offices and shopping malls in par with the international standards. In the coming years, we are going to see these several commercial and residential projects undertaken by these esteemed real-estate developers.

It will decongest some of the traffic marred areas of the city and will as well as ensure rapid connectivity to commuters the prices of property near the metro stretch have already started witnessing a rise and in future are expected to go up further. However, at present, the rental market stays unaffected ads Jani. The middle class is expected to invest in these areas as home buyers from this segment prefer to live in areas having good metro connectivity the returns on investment in areas within close proximity to the new metro routes are expected to be high. Many individuals already living in their own accommodation in Ahmedabad are banking on properties near the metro belt, to enjoy healthy returns once the metro is functional, says Jitendra Soni, consultant, Harshil Estate. The upcoming metro belt comes with a scope of new development in areas with available vacant land. Hiren Patil, a local realtor at Disha Estate Management says, Areas such as Hebatpur, Sindhu Bhavan Road and 5 km from Thaltej metro station, land is available where developers are planning to come up with residential housing projects.

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Although the land prices in SG highway is less over the localities inside Ahmedabad, realty experts say that SG highway will have a good return in the future years as many townships and affordable housing projects are coming up in the location. As there is a good connectivity to other parts of the city, townships that come up in the suburbs are as well as expected to have good returns. Most of the home buyers are end users contributing 60% of the home buyer’s ratio in the SG highway while the rest are investors. The most interest fact is that even NRIs and people living outside Ahmedabad are eagerly investing in the SG highway projects. Gift city latest updates leading realty firms have their project in SG Highway that includes Godrej Garden City, Sahara city, Adanis the North Park and Shantigram Aangan, Enigma etc. There are as well as new residential projects coming up in the nearby areas such as Bopal, Satellite, Gurukul, bodkadev, Prahlad Nagar etc. and the possession was provide n for most of the developed projects here.
The real-estate in Ahmedabad is witnessing an upward growth trend in recent days the rapid growth of the industrial sector and overall economic development has helped Ahmedabad to turn into a rapidly developing city in the country in all aspects. With intelligent development governance and progressive policies, Ahmedabad has established itself as the ideal real-estate destination in Gujarat. If you are planning to purchase an apartment or house in Ahmedabad, here are few locations that are ideal for investment. Straddling the Gift city latest news River is Ahmedabad, the largest city of Gujarat. It has a very rich history and tradition and is home to many prominent national leaders, such as, Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. From having historic buildings, it has come a long way to have unique and aesthetically designed that attracts and impresses many across India. Ahmedabad city is divided into two regions by Sabartmati River Eastern and Western Region. The Eastern part houses the old cities, old bazaars, temples and the main railway station while the western side is well designed it has many education institutions, residential colonies, shopping malls and the famous CG Road and SG Highway.
Today with the excellent development, it is one among the top 10 cities to invest for Stamped as the finest city to reside and earn, it is alluring many people across India as well as expats and NRIs to invest in it. Needless to mention, it has a good infrastructure that is the main reason behind the real-estate boom these additions are changing the skyline of the city. Almost all the developments are happening in the western side of Ahmadabad, in areas such as, Sabarmati, Naroda, C G Road, CTM, Ashram Road, Shahibaug and Satellite where there is a great potential for residential growth. In the last few years the capital appreciation has been around 50 per cent. After the current government announcement to provide affordable for all by 2022, Ahmedabad has gained good demand for affordable housing segment and to boost the demand, government has announced friendly policies. Based on these policies, the housing projects in Ahmedabad are available at an affordable range from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 25 lakh. Renowned developers such as Tata Housing, Adani Township and Real-estate and Arvind Real-estate are creating such landmark buildings for the growth and to offer housing projects for all in India. Small units such as one bedroom have seen an upswing in demand by 3 to 4 per cent in the last few months, while the two bedroom and three bedroom housing demand has remained stable.

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