Check out these rapid city south dakota images:

rapid city south dakota
Image by broken thoughts
Rapid City, South Dakota

Captive Female Eclectus Parrot
rapid city south dakota
Image by petechar
Reptile Gardens
Rapid City, South Dakota
17 June 2017

Eclectus roratus

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Exhibits "extreme sexual dimorphism of the colours of the plumage; the male having a mostly bright emerald green plumage and the female a mostly bright red and purple/blue plumage. Joseph Forshaw, in his book Parrots of the World, noted that the first European ornithologists to see eclectus parrots thought they were of two distinct species." – Wikipedia

rapid city south dakota
Image by USDAgov
USDA employees in South Dakota raise money to fight cancer– Left to Right…Rhonda Anderson, team captain, Stacy Smith, Susan England, Pam Smith, Ruth O’Neill, Gayle Besch, Jane Jensen, Denise Miller, Melisa Byrne, and Gaby Bassett

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