South Dakota Realty – Where Life Is Slow And The People Are Fine

From National Parks to a relaxed pace of life, South Dakota has a lot more going for it then you might think. In South Dakota you have a choice of getting some really good real estate without going bankrupt.

The Coyote State

For city persons used to a fast paced and hurried lifestyle, South Dakota would seem like a really boring place to stay. But for those who want a leisurely pace of living and who actually welcomes the chance to get to know the people in the community then this just might be where you belong. And having the Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore within easy driving distance is also a big plus, here is a state where you can still smell the old ways of the west and can be the perfect location for your new home.

Gateway To The Black Hills

Unlike what its name implies, Rapid City isn’t in any way in a hurry. Instead, the city feels more like a town and is extremely family oriented. The town is located on rolling hills with plenty of tree cover. If you enjoy the outdoors, Rapid City is a hop and a jump from the Black Hills and plenty of outdoor activities. The weather is warm during summer and can be quite cold during winter.

Sioux Falls

Built on the Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls is known for…its falls. Running through the city, the falls are not particularly big, but are very picturesque. Home to the University of Sioux Falls, the town has a conservative, friendly atmosphere.

City Named After Dead Trees

And since we’re talking about South Dakota, we must not fail to mention the various gold rush towns that sprung up in Deadwood. This city has seen the heights and lows that come with depending on the gold that was mined on its creek. With such rough and shady characters roaming the streets, it came to a point when almost all the residents were gone. Fortunately the city was able to get back on its feet, its primary source of income now is tourism where it draws visitor for its Wild West appeal. Old western casinos have become one of its drawing attractions, and this includes the Midnight Star Casino which is owned by famous actor Kevin Costner.

South Dakota Real Estate

If you really want some prime real estate at a price you can afford, then the place to go is South Dakota. For parents wanting a safe new home for their kids, South Dakota is the only place where your $ 200,000 can bring you a whole new lifestyle.

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