Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, SD

Reptile Gardens featured as the Best of the Black Hills
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Rapid City Flood 1972 – Hell on earth
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  1. @ndnmuzik If you were at home at the time it must have been horrible. I was 5 at the time and remember it clearly. I was lucky though and lived up on the hill on West Chicago street. i still remember seeing cars, houses ect floating by at the bottom of the hill.

  2. The mayor Don Barnnett came on the tv and said to evacuat immediatly and my mother seen the men running away from the creek. She grabbed all us kids (4, three older sisters and im the youngest) and threw us in the car. The wall of water we could see in the head light was comming strait at us.

  3. It was right by the store that sold boats. I remember playing on the pontoons on nice days. Well my family has almost the same story. We were all in bed and my mother and father we watching the news, and my mother was watching the men that were watching the creek.

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