Rapid City – a Land of Great Faces & Places

South Dakota is a wonderful state located at the Midwestern region of United States. The state is bordered by other fascinating states such as Minnesota, Lowa, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana. The state of South Dakota is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the nation as it offers some of the most prominent attractions in form of Rushmore National Memorial, Sioux Falls with some most exciting cities such as Rapid City, Bath etc.

Rapid City is one of the most fascinating and vacation destinations for entire family if you are planning to spend your holidays in the state of South Dakota. It offers great opportunities for shopping, dining, and outdoor recreation to their guests. It is the second largest city of the state and it lies at the backdrop of the exotic and marvelous views of Black Hills mountain range. The city is divided into two distinctive regions namely the east and the west due to a mountain range.

The city is full packed with some indoor and outdoor water parks to entertain and amuse all the members of the family irrespective of the age. It also exhibits some marvelous interactive museums and wildlife parks and sanctuaries. The outdoor recreations include some adventurous activities such as hiking, mountain biking trails etc with gorgeous nationally recognized golf courses.

Some of the most prominent attractions of the city include Journey Museum, Dahl Arts Center, Reptile Gardens, Crystal Cave Park and several other must visit attractions.

Journey Museum is a fascinating place to visit during your tour to this exciting city. The visit to this place will take back to the ancient years of The Black Hills. The museum covers around seven acres of land and its exhibitions include relics on paleontology, archaeology, geology along with pioneers of the west and Native American.

The Paleontology and Geology division of the museum accommodates skeletons of dinosaurs along with rock formations having gold inside. It also exhibits items for the Minnilusa Pioneers. The archaeological section provides information about Homo sapiens early ancestors who were the residents of the Black Hills. The museum also exhibits several temporary exhibitions that last for few weeks or months. This is one of the must visit attraction of the city.

Reptile Garden is a major tourist attraction of the city as it is an ideal home to some of the most exciting reptiles such as alligators, rattlesnakes along with birds of prey. This is a unique and extraordinary family vacation spot. It also features Komodo Dragons that has turned into a major attraction of the garden.

The Garden has grabbed the position of being one of the top ten roadside attractions in United States.
Crystal Caverns exhibits a range of caves that are located near Rapid City, South Dakota. The cave showcases various types of rock formations such as birdbath formations, popcorn calcite, dogtooth spar and boxwork are few of them. The walls and the ceilings of the cave are heavily crystallized making them a piece of marvel.

The state of South Dakota is full packed with several other tourist spots and exotic lakes such as Richmond Lake, Ravine Park, Fulton, Curlew, Woodville Lake etc that would certainly make your trip to this place a memorable one.

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